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Aims & Objectives

The aims and objects of the Institute are stated hereunder: –

  • To promote and advance the study of the respective professions of the three Chapters of the Institute.
  • To promote the efficiency and usefulness of the said professions by requiring the observance of strict rules of ethic and professional conduct by members of the Institute.
  • To at all times secure the association of the professions herein stated.
  • To provide forum for the purpose of exchange, provision and dissemination of information.
  • To publish or superintend the publication of books, newsletter, papers and other materials relating to the affairs of the institute.
  • To organize and provide lectures, classes or other tuition for the benefit of members of the institute, other members of the insurance industry, and others who may be deemed appropriate.
  • To organize research activities to address new risks introduced in the insurance market, disaster preparedness and recovery, and other areas of difficulty that may evolve in the practice of the professions herein stated.
  • To establish and maintain relationship with other professional bodies like Association of Kenya Insurers; Association of Insurance Brokers; Insurance Institute of Kenya; the office of the Commissioner of Insurance; the College of Insurance and others as practice may from time to time dictate and which are related and necessary for purposes of the Institute.
  • To establish and maintain a common fund by means of fees, levies, donations, subscriptions etc and such other funds as may seem proper and to apply such funds in accordance with the provision of this constitution, including remuneration of any employees of the Institute, sitting officials and others as may by resolution be sanctioned by the Council.
  • To represent the interests of members in dealing with statutory controls, legal bottlenecks, regulations, standards, codes of practice, segregation, victimization etc.
  • To decide on and secure uniformity of standards, professional fees, priorities and policy on all matters common to the practice of all professions stated herein.
  • To enforce strict compliance of Institute rules of conduct, which shall exist or be created from time to time, or any directives of the Council or other appropriately mandated committee, by members of the Institute.
  • To establish divisions, branches, secretariat and any other local units/ organizations and abolish these when the desired purpose is achieved.
  • To establish and maintain an efficient library or libraries.