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IARS Annual Conference 2024

About the IARS 2024 Conference


The central motive of the 18th IARS Annual Conference on Insurance Solutions for Sustainable Blue Economy, 13th – 15th of March, 2024, is to shed light on how the concept of the blue economy seamlessly integrates commercial, research, and innovative activities across a spectrum of industrial sectors. Achieving a sustainable blue economy necessitates harnessing the power of science and innovation to develop ingenious solutions that promote ocean sustainability.

We have meticulously curated an array of topics that cater to your professional development needs. In addition to thought-provoking discussions and insights, our program features interactive sessions with distinguished resource persons, opportunities for networking, and the formulation of action plans throughout the three-day event.


Who Can Attend?

  • Senior Executives and Claims Managers from private and public sectors within the region and globally.
  • Individuals/Professionals interested in understanding the future of blue economy and innovation methods in the insurance field.
  • Government officers as well as representatives from state and local government.
  • Corporates/organizations
  • Industry Stakeholders
  • Investors
  • Other business involved in the industry

Why Attend?

  • Interact with eminent speakers
  • Participate in stimulating interactive discussions
  • Access new and profound research ideas
  • Connect with top industry experts at the conference
  • Avail opportunities to network and exchange ideas
  • Get inspired towards undertaking professional studies
  • Network with like-minded peers
  • Share your knowledge to enhance the growth of your field